Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ubuntu and Debian on HTC Incredible "REVISED"

I have revised the instructions that I had had on my original post on this topic because i ran into some problems on my own device. The method that i taught at first worked fine for a while but one day i just started to get a whole slew of errors that i did not know how to fix and it took weeks of searching forums and sorting through lots of useless information before I found the way to fix my problem. Fixing the issues i was having was a 3 step process

 1. discovering what the error meant.

2. deciding on how to fix it.

3. repair the problem. I was getting alot of errors that said things like "error mount : no such device or location" or like "device or resource busy".

after doing some research i figured out that what was going wrong was a combination of two things,

                    A. my phone could no longer mount the .img on the sdcard

                    B. my phone was trying to mount to an occupied loop device. I found a variety of tests that you could run to determine the cause of any errors but i think it would just be better to give the solution.

First thing I did was download a new .img file for the operating system i was trying to run. Then I edited a boot script that i found online. with these two things I was able to solve all of my problems.

 I will post The script that I edited for anyone to download. This guide works for almost any os distro is arm and can fit on your sdcard (Including Ubuntu, Debian, and Backtrack 5) I will also post links to each of those images and the scripts needed to run them. I take no responsibility for anything that may occur either during or after one of my tutorials.

If you ever have any questions or anything at all please feel free to comment

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