Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hamachi Logging in Failed

Hamachi Logging in ........ Failed

if you saw this message on your android device terminal then you were probably freaking out as much as I was. Do to a change in the way the hamachi servers are operating, the file posted on this blog will no longer work. HOWEVER I have found a way to fix this issue and within the next week or so I will post the solution which I have found.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Root just about any motorola phone

Well because all the things that I have and will post on here are really only for rooted android users i thought it only fair to help those that aren't yet rooted to do so.

One of the best ways too root a motorola device is to use a website called

they have great applications that can make the rooting process smooth and easy.....NOT FOR HTC USERS.

and for those of you whom that doesn't help, you may want to check out

They can help with just about any phone not just motorola or htc.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jailbreak IOS 4.3.3 on * ALL DEVICES

*Jailbreaking IOS 4.3.3 only works for ipod touch 3g and up for 2g and older you need to downgrade in order to Jailbreak. If you are unsure of your version then skip to the bottom of this guide


winrar or 7-zip (just google the names)
IOS 4.3.3 for you device (go to Iclarified, there is an earilier post with a link to it)
most recent version of Itunes

thats it

1. plug in your IDevice
2. open redsnow
3.   Click browse
4. go to where you saved the firmware file and select it 
5. check off "Install Cydia" Click Next and follow the onscreen instructions

How to determine what version ipod touch you have...
 1. go to settings (on the ipod)
2. select general
3. select about
look for something that says MBXXXXXXXX or MCXXXXXXXXX (the X's will be other characters)
if it says MB you have a 2g and need to downgrade. if it says MC you have a 3g and can follow this guide

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fix an old ipod that is stuck in a boot loop

Have you ever been going through your drawers and found an old iPod only to find that it wont boot doesn't it? By old iPod I mean something like an iPod video remember those old things. Well i found my old iPod and I wouldn't turn on it would start to boot ( displaying the silver apple) then it would just die, you could feel the kick of the hard drive shutting off. I couldn't find anyone who could tell me how to fix it so I figured it out for myself.


IPod to PC connecter cable

1. Press and hold select + play for about 5 seconds to restart the iPod

2. Press ans hold select + menu to put it into disc mode

3. Connect it to the computer and restore the iPod

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Where to download apple firmware files

People often ask "where can I find the firmware for my iPhone or iPod or ipad" my answer is almost always the same..... these guys have done a great job of assembling together a library of apple firmware files. 
Downloading firmware files from a source other than iTunes is good if you are
A. Looking for a faster download
B. Looking for an older firmware for downgrading
C. ITunes is having problems downloading the file
To load one of these on iTunes in windows just hold either ctrl or shift when you left click restore
To load one on iTunes on a Mac then you would hold command as you clicked restore in iTunes
If any of this was unclear or if you just have any questions or comments please comment

How to put an iphone or ipod touch into dfu mode

For whatever reason be it jailbreaking or fixing an error dfu mode is used by most advanced iPhone users

1. Power off the device.

2. Hold down the power button for 8 seconds

3. While holding the power button hold the home button for an additional 7 seconds

4. After the 7 seconds release the power button but keep holding the home button

5. After about 7 more seonds you can release the home button

You should see a black screen if you do then you probably did it right

If you are unsure then you can do this with your device plugged Into your computer and judge whether or not the device is really on by the sounds the computer makes.

To come out of DFU mode I usually just hold down the power and home button together for 8 seconds to force my device to reboot

HOW TO: Hamachi on android

Hamachi is a vpn program which can be used to link up computers. With hamachi on an android you would be able to access the files on multiple computers from anywhere in the world (provided that you have wifi, 3g, 4g or any other type of internet connection on your phone) this is useful when programs like dropbox can't hold the file that you want because it is too large and you know that you will need it at some point when you are on the go.
To get hamachi on android there are a few requirements which must be met first
1. Internet access

2. Ubuntu/Debian/Backtrack or any other Linux distro on your phone.

3. Rooted phone (root access)
Once those 3 requirements have been met you should be set to go.

1. Boot up the Linux distro on your phone

2. Either open up the browser on the distro or the browser on your phone.

3.  go to and download the hamachi file. If you did this on the distro then you may skip to step 5A

4. If it hasn't happened already, move that whole file to emmc on your phone

5A. Move the hamachi file from the downloads folder in the distro to /root

5. Open up the distro and copy that hamachi file from /mnt/emmc to /root

6. Open terminal and cd into that directory and run the following commands

7. sh ./install

8. mkdir /dev/net

9. mknod /dev/net/tun c 10 200

10. apt-get install sudo

11. apt-get install libcrypto++7

12. ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

13. sudo tuncfg

14. hamachi-init

15. hamachi start

16. hamachi login

17. hamachi set-nick enter desired nickname here

18. hamachi join networkname password

19. DONE

Here is a qr code for the Hamachi file download